Submersible Shredder/Grinder Mechanism W-1500 SK

Suitable for domestic sewage and wastewater containing human
faeces and water soluble toilet paper only.
Not suitable when liquid contains hard solids i.e. sand, stones,
gravel, wood, stringy material like clothes, plastic bags, sanitary
pads, nappies or tough non water soluble papers like wet wipes,
cardboard or rubber etc


  • Advanced shredding / grinding mechanism
  • Fixed suction cover under impeller having specifically designed edges and grooves in combination with rotating impeller shreds / grinds soft sewage particles for easy pumping without any blockage
  • Surface hardening heat treatment is done on specific areas of the impeller vanes and cutting edges to increase efficiency, reliability and performance
  • Triplex sealing Double Mechanical Seal in oil bath plus an oil seal arrangement for protection of motor
  • Unique epoxy cable sealing protects from water entering motor W-1500 SK
  • Heavy duty upper and lower ball bearings ensure smooth operation and supports axial load / thrust
  • W-1500 SK / WT-1500 SK pumps are supplied with separate float and control panel having built-in motor protection and high level alarm facility
  • All pumps come with standard base mounting.

Download Submersible Shredder/Grinder Manual