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Some products sold on this web site may require installation by a licensed person under the Plumbers Gasfitters & Drainlayers Act 2006.

In New Zealand, any sanitary plumbing work must by law be performed or at least supervised by a licensed plumbing practitioner. Similarly, any gasfitting work must by law be performed or at least supervised by a licensed gasfitter.

Conducting either sanitary plumbing or gasfitting work as an unlicensed practitioner (or under their supervision) is illegal and can be very dangerous.

If you are in doubt about whether or not the product you have purchased from us will require installation by a licensed plumber or gasfitter, please contact us or enquire at the time of purchase. We can arrange installation of your product by a member of our qualified team or recommend someone in your area.

What is sanitary plumbing?

Sanitary plumbing is any work involved in fixing or unfixing any pipe, plumbing fixture or appliance including; any trap, waste or soil pipe, ventilation pipe, or overflow pipe, as well as any pipe that supplies or is intended to supply water.

All sanitary plumbing must comply with the Building Code and, where a building consent is required, the work must be checked by the building inspector from the building control authority in your area (your local council). A code compliance certificate cannot be issued until the work has been signed off by the building inspector.

A certifying plumber is responsible for the testing, verification and the supervision of licensed plumbers, limited certificate (trainee plumbers) and exempted persons.

Sanitary plumbing does not include the installation of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines; the replacement or repair of taps, ball valves and plugs.

What is gasfitting?

Gasfitting is any work involved in installing, altering or repairing gas appliances, including the fixing or unfixing of any gas pipes, ventilation or flue pipes, commissioning gas appliances and ensuring their safe operation (which includes the testing, setting, checking and adjustment of safety devices, combustion conditions and controls associated with the gas installation, and ensuring there is adequate ventilation for the use of the appliance).

The definition of gasfitting extends to work on appliances fitted to boats, caravans, motor homes, or any other vehicles, and also includes work on gas appliances fixed within buildings that are supplied by gas bottles of any size.

People who are not licensed gasfitters are able to work on portable gas appliances which have an attached gas bottle such as barbecues, cabinet heaters and patio heaters, although the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board strongly recommends that a gasfitter is used even for this type of work.

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